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Truth Be Told: What is Critical Race Theory

Video of the seminar held on March 24

The Legacy of Derrick Bell, Who Inspired Critical Race Theory

Creator Of Term ‘Critical Race Theory’ Kimberlé Crenshaw Explains What It Really Is


New Yorker Article – The Man Behind Critical Race Theory
As an attorney, Derrick Bell worked on many civil-rights cases, but his doubts about their impact launched a groundbreaking school of thought.

American Bar Association
A Lesson on Critical Race Theory by Janel George

Slate Magazone – Did Obama Hug a Radical?
What’s “critical race theory,’ and how crazy is it?
By Will Oremus

The “Take 5” Toolkit
Critical Race Theory Decision Making Toolkit

The Conversation
Critical race theory is an important tool in better understanding how religion operates in America

Dr. Ravi Perry describing the Critical Race Theory presentation to be given on March 24
Critical Race Theory

In his presentation Dr. Perry will address these topics:

— What Critical Race Theory is.

— What Critical Race Theory is not.

— How we all can and should be engaged in the dialog and discussions to ensure that the story of all people and groups is included in our family, church curricula and especially in our public schools.

Following the presentation we will break up into small groups to discuss questions that Dr. Perry will pose.